Strawberry Pavlova with Orange and Vanilla Cream


We felt very English this weekend. After dinner and definitely too much wine at a pretty country pub on Saturday night my mother and I managed to blearily drag ourselves out of our beds in the morning to get ready to spend a beautifully sunny day at Henley regatta. We had a lovely breakfast at the chocolate theatre cafe where I had a white hot chocolate which was delicious but a rash decision given that it was already 25 degrees outside.

Henley Regatta is an annual event where University, school and club rowing teams take part in roughly one miles races down the Thames. It is also a big social occasion that gives everyone an excuse to get dressed up and socialise in the sun. Unfortunately Pimms was off the cards for us, the thought of it made me feel extremely unwell. We met my little sister and headed down to the enclosure to watch the races and spot the most outrageously dressed people.


We had a seafood salad lunch of poached and smoked salmon, crayfish and prawns perfect for such a hot day. We came home in time to scream at the TV whilst watching the Murray match. We were just so overcome with Wimbledon fever and patriotism that we just had to make this Strawberry Pavlova. I love pavlova because the outside is chewy but inside it stay soft a bit like a giant marshmallow.

[yumprint-recipe id=’7′]


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Pavlova with Orange and Vanilla Cream

  1. Becoming quite the food photographer missy! Beautiful piccies, beautiful dress and as always beautiful you! Make this for me please. Loving the blog X

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