Mango and Coconut Soufflé with Raspberry Sauce


All this week at work I have been dreaming of Sunday afternoon when I could lie for hours on the hammock in the garden gradually tanning myself to golden perfection. However after five minutes in the smothering heat this afternoon I was sticky, annoyed by the wasps and felt like my brain was boiling in my head. So i  retired to the nice cool kitchen to make a tropical pudding to cheer myself up.

After deciding on a soufflè I popped down to Henley buy my ingredients. My mother dug me out some recipes for basic soufflès, she had a knowing look on her face that said :”You think this is going to be easy don’t you?”.

After reading through the recipes I realised that this was not going to be a quick desert. However it is definitely worth it if you are cooking for a special occasion because soufflès look very impressive and people don’t normally cook them so they feel like  a treat. The mangos looked particularly tempting though and I almost just gobbled them up and went and had a nap…


However I managed to resist and I’m glad I did. My mother has made many a soufflè in her time and her knowledge of when to stop whisking, when to add an extra yolk and how things were supposed to look at each stage really helped me and I fell like I learnt a lot.








[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]



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