Baked mushrooms with walnut pesto, ricotta and spinach


No matter how much you love cooking sometimes after a hard day at school/work/uni/slobbing on the sofa watching E! you just don’t want to be slaving over a hot stove for 2 hours to make your dinner. This is how I felt when the Wednesday blues hit this week. On Wednesdays the glow of fun from last weekend has worn off and the next weekend is just close enough to tease you into the excitement of endless free time, seeing your friends, going out,shopping, eating too much  – and then you remember…

there are TWO WHOLE DAYS LEFT!  It seems so outrageous. Not to mention I spent an obscene amount of my first paycheque last weekend which has left a horrible cloud of regret hanging over me all week.

I was in the need of something tasty and quick for my dinner to tide me over into Thursday. Love pasta as I do it wasn’t going to cut it this time. My mother often cooks delicious Tallegio cheese baked mushrooms soI came up with my own version and cooked for her for a change. This recipe only takes 15-20 minutes and is super easy. If you present it all fancy I reckon it could make a great dinner party starter too.



[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]


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