Grilled peaches with cinnamon, french toast, mascarpone and amber rasperries

peech (1)

Who doesn’t love a good brunch? It’s surely the ultimate meal time. When the skull-crushing hangover rears it’s ugly head you can count on brunch to ease the pain. Stuffing your face with sweet, stodgy goodness, a full English or even more alcohol -there is no need to be ashamed. Anything is acceptable at brunch.


It is absolutely compulsory to spend the meal piecing together the memories of the night before and reliving everyone’s most shameful moments in extreme detail. Someone will have lost their wallet in the chaos, they receive reassuring words of sympathy whilst you secretly congratulate yourself that it wasn’t you, this time… 

When the food arrives on the table all falls silent apart from the clanking of cutlery manners are abandoned it’s feels like you haven’t eaten in years even though you vaguely remember buying cheesy chips at 4am. After it’s all over and you are uncomfortably full it’s time to use your new found energy to crawl back to bed and try to hide from the real world.



This is my usual experience of brunch. However today I discovered it doesn’t have to be this way! This was one brunch I actually planned. We had these grilled cinnamon peaches with french toast, mascarpone and amber raspberries. It was originally just going to be peaches but i spotted these amber raspberries which are so delicious. They taste like normal raspberries but not as sharp




[yumprint-recipe id=’3′]




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