Thai Salmon and noodle salad with pak choi


Anyone who knows me knows i’m a serious seafood lover. I just can’t understand those people who say they hate fish. The classic line is “it’s just too fishy..” how can fish be too fishy you crazy people? I think often they have been put off by that horrid stinky smell that hangs around the local fish and chip shop or school canteens on a friday lunchtime. No matter how much I try and argue they never believe how delicious it can be.

This past week I have been eating soooo unhealthily; think stuffing your face with chicken nuggets at 3 am (yum),loads of wine, buckets of popcorn and slabs of cake from the genius lady in the work canteen who makes the most amazing treats every day. So I definitely owed my insides something healthy tonight. I made the HUGEST mess in the kitchen making this somehow, I really must try and be more tidy – I always get carried away throwing ingredients around because I’m so excited to eat.


Salmon is one of my favourite fish and very easy to get hold of. You can find these noodles in the supermarket near the stir fry vegetables. They don’t need cooking which removes a whole lots of fuss. The thai sauce has lots of ingredients but it’s all really easy to put together and some of them are not crucial (shrimp paste, spring onion, chilli). The sesame oil can be substituted for vegetable or sunflower oil too. I’ve definitely been feeling glad that my mother keeps the cupboards so well stocked!



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2 thoughts on “Thai Salmon and noodle salad with pak choi

    • Thank you! Yes it’s definitely a summer supper recipe. I’ve been trying to squeeze in some running after work too. Which one are you training for?

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