Pistachio Cheesecake


I’ve made a terrible mistake. I baked an entire pistachio cheesecake the day before my whole family went on holiday. Now it’s just me and the cheesecake left, it’s a standoff. Every time I open the fridge it catches my eye and whispers: “go on, just have one more teeny fork-full…” and before I know it I’m shovelling creamy nutty goodness into my mouth like I haven’t eaten in a week. Trust me this cheesecake is SO MOREISH.
DSCN8384Of course I wanted to make the most of the bank holiday weekend by spending some time cooking and I also wanted a challenge, I wanted to make something that I had never made before. Lying in bed on Thursday night I was remembering a particularly delicious passionfruit cheesecake that my friend India’s mother makes. She also happens to make a beautiful pistachio cake which I had the pleasure of trying recently….

This pistachio cheesecake is the gorgeous love child of those two deserts.

I got extremely ambitious and decided to make a chocolate flower for the top, if the Roux brothers could do it why couldn’t I? ….because I’m not a culinary genius or extremely patient or very careful or experienced or good at following instructions. Hence the crazy spiky chocolate feature in the middle!

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3 thoughts on “Pistachio Cheesecake

  1. This combines two of my favourite things, such a brilliant idea. Is it be better than the passion fruit cheesecake… that is the question! Unfortunately I can’t pass judgement as ya didn’t save me a slice!
    Love your bitter friend XXX

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