Oriental duck salad with pomegranate

newduckI’m all about the asian-style salads at the moment. This is another version that I made with my friends at a lovely girly night in last week while it poured it down with rain outside! I really enjoy cooking with friends, it’s so relaxing and we took our time over things as we were treated to some Prosecco too.

We made a seriously addictive sweet potato humus with sweet potato chips to munch on before our main, you can find the super easy recipe over on India’s blog. We all agreed it felt good to make our own humus from scratch for a change after the gallons of super market stuff we must have eaten between us over the past few years!


For the oriental duck salad we slow roasted and shredded the duck legs , that’s where the tastiest meat is in my opinion, though pan fried duck breast would be lovely too. India had a stroke of genius to add the pomegranate seeds which pop in your mouth to give little bursts of sweet juice which goes really well with the rich salad dressing which we made. 


Thanks to Mattie’s creative touch the salad looked almost too pretty to eat! 




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