Creamy lemon Puy lentils with poached egg


After a truly magical 5 days away at Unknown festival in Croatia with my best girlfriends I returned to work with a self diagnosed case of post holiday depression. Imagine my delight when I was immediately dispatched on several trips up and down the country to discover the inner workings of crisp factories!

My last two weeks have been spent in blue hairnets and safety shoes checking out how the likes of Doritos, Walkers and Wotsits come to be. Slumped on my hotel room bed munching on a dry room service panini and watching the great british bake-off I was having serious cooking withdrawals. So this weekend I have finally made some free time to jump back on the cooking/blogging bandwagon.

Today I thought I would share one of my favourite recipes that I used to cook when I was vegetarian. I maintain that I was fully vegetarian for over 6 months but many of my friends like to remind me of certain slip ups like when I bought and ate Brussels pate forgetting it had meat in it and the time I secretly scoffed sausage rolls at a party in our halls. It was certainly a challenge but it also made me discover new dishes such as these creamy lemon Puy lentils with poached egg which is still one of my all time favourites.


 MMMm look at that gooey egg. This recipe is also super healthy with cholesterol lowering lentils and plenty of protein.[amd-yrecipe-recipe:27]


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