Blackberry meringue pie

DSCN8943In my head this blog post was going to be filled with lovely pictures of the wild blackberries growing in our garden. I would have talked about how great it is to cook with seasonal fruit and veg you’ve picked yourself, how wonderful it is to live in the countryside with a lovely garden which grows lots of delicious things…

However things don’t always work out to plan when you rely on mother nature. As scampered over to the where the blackberry bushes were I realised that the bushes were bare, the birds had beaten me to it and gobbled all my delicious fruit. How dare they!- I was fuming. Lucky for me there was another source of delicious blackberries nearby…..The Co-op store.DSCN8906

I wanted to come up with my own idea for a dessert, so this is a reworking of a couple of recipes for lemon meringue pie. It consists of a rich, tangy blackberry filling in a pastry case topped with sweet fluffy meringue.  I made my own pastry for funsies but unless you’re planning on appearing on come dine with me I recommend buying a ready made pastry case to save some time. 


Major sad that I didn’t get more good pictures- I literally took hundreds but no natural light=niiightmare.




7 thoughts on “Blackberry meringue pie

  1. I love, love, love blackberry pie – and this looks AMAZING! I know how you feel about the birds getting the berries – so frustrating to go pick berries and find empty sticks! To solve your lighting issues (been there done that), have you tried Lowell EGO lights? Some of my best shots have been taken under those lights, and you can get them on Amazon! Very close to natural light. They’ve made a HUGE difference for me when I need to shoot in low light situations or at night. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks so much for pointing the ego lights out to me! They would definitely be so useful, i’m always getting back late from work so can’t take good pictures. These look ideal so definitely going on my every growing ‘to buy next month’ list

    • Aw thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ . Really enjoyed reading your blog too- making me feel very autumnal with your hearty recipes. I love the hobbit-theme too its very original.

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