Roast butternut squash ravioli

pasta (1)

We have had a pasta maker loitering in the far kitchen cupboard for as long as I can remember, nestled among old cake stands and mismatched crockery it had never seen the light of day. I have watched so many TV chefs churn out their own beautiful tortellini and tagliatelle so this Saturday I cracked out this stainless steel beauty in a quest to make-my-own. I discarded a couple of bits of metal that were in the pasta maker box as useless. Only when I had spent an hour wrestling with the machine and wondering how people made pasta without 3 hands did I realise that one of these “useless’ pieces was a clamp to hold it to the work surface, definitely would have been very useful.
DSCN9032Good job that my mother was out as things got rather messy on her prized polished granite worktops!

Making your own pasta is so satisfying, watching a hard lump of dough turn into beautifully even and slightly translucent reams of pasta is very therapeutic. Is there such a thing as food therapy? Like art therapy or music therapy but you just make depressed people cook a giant apple strudel? Anyway if you don’t have time to make your own pasta I discovered loads of recipes online for people using wonton wrappers to make their own ravioli. These are thin ready cut sheets of dough used in Chinese cooking and when cooked for a few minutes in boiling water come out exactly like pasta.Such a great idea, i’m going to buy a whole stack and make up loads of crazy ravioli recipes.

In the seasonal spirit I’ve made these roasted butternut squash ravioli the filling also includes delicious rich parma ham and a tiny bit of ricotta to add that creaminess that I love. I was really pleased with the results, none of my ravioli burst open despite me definitely over-stuffing them! If I make it again I would roll my pasta a bit thinner though, as in ravioli it is effectively doubled up and this makes it very filling.  DSCN9056




8 thoughts on “Roast butternut squash ravioli

    • Thanks Jo! Yes it’s really fun and you can always make a big batch and then freeze it. I saw a chef make lobster ravioli which changed colour when it was cooked too which looked amazing

    • Thank you! It was the first time making pasta for me, the filling was really yummy the advantage of making your own is that you can put really fresh ingredients inside 🙂

  1. You know what, I too have a pasta maker (and a ravioli shaper) sitting in the back of my cupboard. I used it once, the recipe failed and I had a mini strop. Well, you’ve inspired me to give it another go! this recipe sounds insanely delicious! Butternut, parma and ricotta? *drooooool*


  3. Mm, I haven’t made homemade ravioli in ages, but this recipe makes me want to run to the kitchen to do it again! The flavors sound absolutely amazing, and this is definitely going on my must-try list before fall is over!

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