Spinach and egg breakfast muffins

muffins (1) I can normally just jump out of bed in the morning but since it’s so dark when I wake up now i’ve started living dangerously with the snooze button. Current record: 10 minutes to get up brush my teeth, get dressed, do my hair, eat breakfast and get all my stuff together to leave for work.  

Living in a house which has two boiler systems which cannot work simultaneously and barely work at all it gets pretty cold in winter. You know when you are all cozy in your dressing gown and you stare down at your clothes knowing that you are about to endure at least 10 seconds of freezing cold whilst you frantically scramble to put them on as quickly as possible? That’s pretty much what i’m doing at 6.30 every morning. Just staring and wondering if I can stretch the office’s ‘casual’ dress code to include my fleecy red snowflake onesie.

Have you seen all those delicious recipes for eggs baked in avocados? I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself it just makes so.much.sense. AND is so healthy. It got me thinking about how I could make something with an egg inside. Given that my second favourite brunch is eggs Florentine (only beaten by eggs royale) the spinach-egg combo looked like a winner so I decided on these spinach and egg breakfast muffins. I have also added some nutmeg into the mix which gives a warm spicy flavour and the pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch to the soft light muffin.DSCN9132

If you want soft runny eggs inside your muffins it is possible. Just boil the eggs for only 4 minutes. However bare in mind that they are very hard to peel when barely cooked and pretty tricky to eat without a knife and fork!



10 thoughts on “Spinach and egg breakfast muffins

  1. I love these breakfast muffins! Spinach and egg is such a great combo to begin with …. but these. They look so satisfying! I usually eat just toast or granola for breakfast …. I really need to change it up!

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