Miso tuna with jalapeno dressing

DSCN9184Only 273 days until I touch down in Tokyo! Ok, it’s ages away but  it seems like this trip has already been a looooong time coming for me. In fact Japan is my all time dream destination, I just didn’t realise it until a few months ago. There are so many reasons for me to be a massive Japan fan here are a few:

1. I love sushi and all other Japanese food. I mean seriously would-choose-above-anything-else love it. Even when I am broke sushi comes above basic needs. Not just normal sushi either I’m talking all the weird fish egg stuff that no one else ever orders.I even went for sushi on my 21st birthday.

2. I had a weird Manga(Japanese comic books/art) obsession when I was younger and filled many sketchbooks with creepy cartoons.

3. I went through a stage of spending 6-8 hours every weekend folding origami models which more often than not ended up as some unrecognisable creature accompanied by cries to my mother of “what do you mean you can’t tell what it is?!” On top of this I bought a very expensive book about the maths behind origami (incomprehensible)…and went to origami club at school lunchtimes….on my own.

4. I have read and learnt a lot about Buddhism over the past couple of years and even became vegetarian (briefly) because of it.

So basically I love loads of Japanese stuff which is why I started teaching myself to speak and read Japanese a few months ago in preparation for my 1 month solo trip round the land of the rising sun. It’s lucky i’m on placement this year because Im going to need to save up a whole lot of cash to fund my eating habits whilst i’m there.If anyone reading has been and has any recommendations of where to go, stay or eat I would love to hear them ๐Ÿ™‚DSCN9182kyoto tttOK..ok enough Japan photos. I am already so excited so this Miso tuna recipe is a little Japan tribute using Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning and the jalapeno dressing which I first had at Nobu (Japanese restaurant) in London. I have barely cooked my tuna because that is how it is traditionally served in japan but you must make sure the fish is very fresh for this. I think it is much tastier this way and a lot less dry however feel free to cook it all the way through if you are a little more squeamish.This dish is really delicious because the rich salty miso and spicy sharp dressing go really well with the delicate taste of the seared tuna steak.   





8 thoughts on “Miso tuna with jalapeno dressing

  1. That tuna looks amazing, the colours are so vibrante! We’re planning our honeymoon in Japan next summer. I’m looking forward to experiencing all those exquisite flavors too. You’ll have to let us know if you found some hidden gem worth visiting! cheers.

    • You should definitely try and face your sushi fears! Fresh fish like on sushi (as opposed to canned) is especially delicious, it tastes much less fishy if you know what i mean ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very envious of your forthcoming trip to Japan!! So exciting. It is somewhere I would love to visit one day. This dish sounds delicious Amy! I am enjoying lots of miso soup at the moment coincidentally. When in Japan, be sure to check out a store called ‘Daiso’ – a kind of Japanese pound shop but with lots of fab & cheap baking utensils ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oooh thanks for the recommendation I will make sure to go there. I think i’m going to leave at least half of my backpack empty to bring back all sorts of japanese knick knacks

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