Baileys bread and butter pudding


It is around this time of year that I allow myself to buy the first bottle of my favourite winter treat, Baileys. For those who don’t know Baileys is an alcoholic drink which is a buttery blend of whisky, cream and vanilla. and have often made a “pasta sauce” by just tipping 150ml of double cream over some salmon and spaghetti so its it’s no wonder that I have to strictly monitor my Baileys consumption.

Now that I work 9-5 I like to come home and pour myself a glass over ice as if i’m a terribly rich word-weary gentleman trying to wind down from my work stresses when really I’m just a 21 year old student looking for a sugar fix. They ran out of small bottles in the supermarket so I had to buy a HUGE bottle which weighed about as much as my little brother and so I used some to make this baileys bread and butter pudding. This is a really quick and easy comforting dessert, I have used a Panettone bread which already contains dried fruit and lots of flavour but this can be substituted for a plain brioche with a  handful of raisins and sultanas.




16 thoughts on “Baileys bread and butter pudding

    • I’d never actually eaten bread and butter pudding before it’s one of those things that I thought I didn’t like- I was very wrong !

  1. Amy, I LOL’d at this post and the Baileys weighing as much as your little brother – love it!!! This sounds absolutely fantastic and indulgent! I’m so in. I’ve never thought to use Baileys as a sauce, but girl…now you’ve got me to thinkin’!

  2. I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I do love me some cold Bayleys when it’s winter too! That stuff is glorious!! I can only imagine how awesome it must be in bread pudding. Dessert perfection, I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have a lovely week, Amy ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I just bought some baileys to use for a hot chocolate bar at our christmas party but I have plenty left! I may need to make some bread pudding – this looks delicious!

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    • Hi Sue, thank you for letting me know! I re-wrote the recipe and must have missed it out by mistake ๐Ÿ™‚ The eggs are simply whisked together with the cream and other ingredients before being poured over the bread.


      • Hi Amy, thanks for replying. In the end I took a gamble and did whisk the eggs in with the cream and other ingredients, and it turned out very well, much to my relief! (I was dreading some kind of scrambled egg mess!).

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