Orange and cinnamon Christmas Bundt cake

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We have been in a state of Christmas mania this weekend at our house i’m talking dancing around to 80’s hits, wearing matching light-up christmas jumpers and stuffing our faces. It all started on Friday afternoon when we went down to Christmas Common (real place name I promise) to choose our tree as is family tradition. As you drive down the winding country roads toward the Christmas tree barn you can see all the trees that are not quite ready yet growing in a huge field to the left and when you arrive the whole barn is filled with the wonderful smell of fir and hundred of trees.Having spent a long time choosing our perfect tree we headed to the shop to buy Christmas decorations.Every year I admire their amazingly decorated show trees and get carried away grabbing as many decorations as I can carry to try and re-create them at home. We went for a silver and rose theme this year and rushed home to get heave the tangled tree lights out of the attic and sob over the baubles which mysteriously shattered since last year. We all agreed that it was our best tree ever, which is of course what we agree every year. 

Then came the baking, we got started on the mince pies, christmas pudding and this delicious orange bundt cake. I had never even heard of a bundt cake before I got hooked on Pinterest food boards but the best thing about having a mother who loves cooking is that she has bought all the kitchenware before I even know what it’s for. She dug out this crazy Christmas bundt cake tin in this christmas tree/ mountain shape and I got cooking. 

The cake is super moist and has the tangy flavour of orange as well as a Christ-massy spice from the cinnamon and nutmeg. I’ve added some crunch from the honeyed almonds and a sticky vanilla icing- it’s perfect with a hot cup of coffee on a cold afternoon.I hope everyone else is having a great holiday so far, I am loving spending time cooking and eating with my family – it’s so easy for us to all forget to spend time together when we are busy with work/uni/school etc. Has any one else been enjoying their family traditions this week end?

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