Moroccan Chicken Wrap **lunch munch**


So according to the staff canteen it was national wrap day today, who knew! In a miraculous twist of fate I had planned to post this tasty wrap recipe already but now I know it shall be officially recognised I feel even better about it. It got me to thinking, who even comes up with these crazy national food days / weeks / months? Who are these food mega-minds? Well turns out there are a couple of different sources. 

Firstly there are the big dogs I’m talking shrove tuesday (pancakes), Easter (hot cross buns,lamb and chocolate eggs!) St Patricks day (beer), thanksgiving and Christmas (endless turkey). These days have become part of tradition for religious regions, or to commemorate an anniversary of some important event. Next category are government approved days such as “national healthy eating week” for example . The final category is the craziest days and the one i’m pretty sure “national wrap day” falls under. These are the charity or industry organised days. Some of my absolute favourites that i have discovered are: “Prune breakfast month” month? I’m pretty sure i’d be over the whole prune thing after a couple of days. Also March 5, national Absinth day, falling on a Wednesday this year- so I’d better book that one off work in preparation and finally “national bicarbonate of soda day”…just why?

If I had to make a national food day I would choose “national brunch day”. Everyone gets the morning off work to go and eat pancakes and poached eggs and drink smoothies. What would you pick as your  food day if you could decide?

Anyways enough of national days please see below for the second in my lunch munch series a Moroccan chicken and roasted apricot wholemeal wrap with natural yoghurt and spinach….

final3Very easy to eat on the go and a great way to spice up your regular sandwich. The chicken is cooked with fragrant spices such as cumin and turmeric and accompanied by delicious sweet juicy apricots and cool natural yoghurt. YUM! 



[yumprint-recipe id=’26’] 


7 thoughts on “Moroccan Chicken Wrap **lunch munch**

    • Yeah wraps are definitely good for lunch – not too much heavy bread. Ooooh I would certainly celebrate national sweet dough bake day with you, great choice! 🙂

  1. National food days always kinda crack me up! This wrap sounds wonderful – I love the chicken / apricot combination! I love apricot but don’t use it nearly enough…

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