Pink Grapefruit and Salmon salad

DSCN0293BAM! Look how colourful this is! This salmon salad is the next in my “lunch munch series” I love salads with fruity ingredients I remember having a delicious feta and mango salad last summer also see my duck and pomegranate salad recipe . Salmon and grapefruit is definitely a winner too, I guess it’s not really surprising as salmon is typically served with citrus flavours such as lemon or lime. The sharp grapefruit in this case is offset with a sweet honey, mustard and dill dressing and crunchy radishes. Also starring is our trusty friend the avocado and little baby broad beans.

Salmon SaladThere is a lot of serious super food stuff going on here soooo many healthy benefits i’m talking oxidants to fight cell damage,  omega 3, vitamin C (bye bye colds), all the healthy fats and loads of fibre too.

Im going on about all this health stuff because I’ve gone through one of those phases where I just can’t stop eating chocolate and I’m feeling guilty. Does anyone else get that? It’s like I don’t want any for a few weeks and then suddenly I want ALL THE CHOCOLATE, in any form: liquid, cake, brownie or my personal kryptonite: Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations. With the risk of sounding like I’m being paid by Cadbury’s let me say this: This chocolate bar is The Dream. Seriously. It’s popping candy, jelly sweets and candy shells covered in milk chocolate – it sounds odd, who wants a chewy sweet in the middle of their chocolate? Me, that’s who, me and anyone else who has ever tried this piece of heaven. I have told my mother to stop buying it- but she doesn’t listen In fact I just went downstairs for a cup of tea and there was a brand new bar slap bang in the middle of the kitchen. There is no escape. 

Anyway hopefully by sharing my problem it will relieve me of my burden (that’s how therapy works right?) main message is eat this very yummy and colourful salad for your lunch and it will cleanse you of all your chocolate sins- thats’s my plan anyway 🙂Salmon Salad All packed up in my lunchbox for tomorrow- is it weird that I’m actually kind of looking forwards to work just because that means I can eat it?Salmon Salad 




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