Spicy mustard Grilled tofu skewers

tofuWhilst planning my trip to Japan I have been reading a lot about what and where to eat, in fact I probably need to concentrate more on the temples/palaces/mountains or I risk leaving with nothing more than a packet of chopsticks as a souvenir and the memory of some tasty noodles. One thing I have discovered is that they eat a whole lot of tofu.

Now I have eaten at yo sushi more times than I care to admit but somehow i’ve just never managed get past the bright plates of fresh tuna and salmon whizzing around to try the tofu. So given that I will be in Kyoto in a few months a city renowned for being obsessed with the stuff I decided to cook some of my own 


Under the vegetarian section of my local supermarket I found some “momen tofu”, this is the most common type of tofu and has a firmish texture a bit like very tender chicken, eaten plain it also has a mild clean taste. SUCCESS if I enjoyed it plain I knew it was going to be delicious once I had smothered it in a sticky honey soy and mustard marinade and created these grilled tofu skewers.

It really was very very delicious one of those where I had to stop photographing and just eat because of the tasty aromas. The tofu is like a sponge soaking up and holding onto all the delicious spicy salty flavours of the soy and mustard. The honey in the marinade caramelises on the hot griddle adding a tasty sweetness to the finished dish. Grilled avocado is a total revelation too- you just know i’m going to be eating it for every meal once we get the barbecue out this summer.

So for all you tofu doubters out there- I was once where you are but seriously take the plunge because this is a high protein, no cholesterol super versatile ingredient which deserves to be loved….next stop chocolate tofu





7 thoughts on “Spicy mustard Grilled tofu skewers

    • Thanks Kristi- I missed it out of the recipe but I used some strips of nori (Japanese seaweed sheet) around the tofu to make sure it held together. Also pressing some of the water out of the tofu first helps too

    • You and definitely right about the tofu- I am reading a cookbook about the art of Japanese cooking and it really emphasises subtle flavours so i might not have quite stuck with tradition on this one!

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