Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

DSCN8395So my mother has gone cycling mad ever since she bought her road bike last year and tomorrow she is off on her first ever event The Cobbler Classic. She will be cycling 39 miles along with my little brother who is an absolute pro. I seriously think he might win the Tour de France one day- you heard it here first. In fact we all just got back from our cycle ride this morning and he is bounding around whilst I have to walk down the stairs sideways with my legs perfectly straight because if i bend them they turn to jelly and I collapse. Stupid house would have to be on top of a great big hill wouldn’t it?


Anyway in order to fuel my mum and little bro tomorrow I’ve cooked them up a batch of these peanut butter pretzel bites which also include banana to take with them on their ride. I also wanted to have a go at creating a high protein healthy snack for myself because I’m in the middle of this 3 month gym program thing to try and get more muscly (sounds odd, i know) and I really can’t afford to keep buying all these healthy fruit and nut bars all the time.

So these bites are really good for you and they taste good plus they are really really filling. I have used oats instead of flour and the bananas give most of the sweetness so the sugar content is low. Its that old classic mix of sweet and savoury that make these so yummy, the salty pretzel with the nutty peanut butter and the sweet banana flavour is very moreish. But like I said they are really filling so don’t go stuffing yourself with 6 at once because after about half an hour you are going to feel like you have got a rock in your belly.



These make a really cute good luck present if you know anyone who is training for one of these charity events like a half marathon or an epic bike ride. Or you can just make a batch all for yourself to enjoy a guilt free snack, plus they are quite sturdy so you can take them to school, uni,work or the gym without worrying about them melting or falling to pieces inside your bag. I’m secretly quite jealous of my mum doing her event tomorrow maybe I will sign up for a 10K to keep me motivated at the gym – are you planning to do any sports events this summer? DSCN8391




10 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites

  1. So I really don’t want a rock in my stomach, but these look so good I may need to eat 6!! My hubby is a runner (I am too, but not nearly as fast as him! And I’ve never done a marathon!) and I think these would be great for him as well. He’s always extra hungry on running days and I think the nutrients in these would be the perfect start to a great recovery meal! Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

    • Oh wow did he do a marathon? That’s so impressive definitely something I would like to do one day ….think I’m quite far off though considering I got a stitch after running for only 20 mins today!

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