Feta and Asparagus Crustless Quiche

DSCN8473I’m living at my family home at the moment so the weekly food shop is done by my mother and I have realised there are some things she buys compulsively. These items somehow always manage to creep into the shopping basket only to linger slowly decomposing in the corner of the fridge until they are finally deemed unfit for consumption and dumped in the bin. Here are the top 5 culprits.

Coming in at number 5 its large tomatoes. Always upstaged by the tasty little baby plum tomatoes the big ones just aren’t getting picked for the salad. Don’t worry maybe they will be useful for the tomato sauce…oh no we have tinned tomatoes for that. Guess we’ll just shove them to the back and hide them with a packet of spinach then.

4. Fresh coriander. Seriously she has bought two packs of this a week every week for the last year. WHY?! we rarely even cook anything using fresh coriander?! It makes no sense….maybe its just to make the fridge look greener
3. Avocados. I swear they multiply in our fridge veg draw. I literally have to stuff my self with avocado morning noon and night to try and keep up with them. 
2. Cured meats.I’m talking parma ham, honey glazed ham, braseaola, Iberico ham, garlic sausage, eight types of salami and four chorizos. 

and at number 1… its cheese. The inside of the fridge door pretty much rivals any fromagerie. Over the course of a few weeks a sour smell will slowly grow and no matter how many use by dates we check- the smell remains. Then we realise,  its the Camambert. The cheese is swiftly exiled to the mini fridge in the at the far end of the house where it can continue its smelly business without disturbing us. Would love to hear if any of you guys have these fridge lingerers too?…


…Anyway the whole point of the above is that now it is spring a tonne of asparagus has started appearing int the fridge but it  shall not be binned this week because I have made it into this summery picnic-worthy feta and asparagus crustless quiche. It is full of tasty pancetta, rocket and feta and topped with asparagus spears. Also no crust= more room in my stomach for the tasty filling.




11 thoughts on “Feta and Asparagus Crustless Quiche

  1. Amy, I couldn’t help but chuckle with you at this post!! I am also guilty of buying things, with all good intentions for some experimentation, but meal planning, with the best will in the world, doesn’t always come to fruition! This crust less quiche looks fabulous and a great use of those ingredients. Delicious πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Jo πŸ™‚ , yes that’s the problem with meal planning- I never know what I will feel like eating in 5 days time

  2. Keep on fighting the fridge waste! I live at home at the moment too and am in the same predicament. I always feel guilty seeing food going bad in the fridge and omelettes/quiches are great for using them up. This one sounds especially good, I love the delicately placed asparagus! Looks so appetizing πŸ™‚

    • I always feel so bad too- I think that using the freezer is the answer but ours has been so overtaken with ice that there is no room left for the food anymore!

  3. This is such a hilarious post! I totally feel for your mom and her compulsive food purchases! I’m guilty of much the same thing myself, and then I end up scurrying to find ways to use up extra ingredients before they go bad! Mostly I just way overestimate how much time I’ll have each week to test recipes, and once all those everyday things like soccer and lacrosse and band concerts intervene, I suddenly find that I haven’t come even close to cooking everything I’d planned! *SIGH* Regardless, I’m so glad the extra asparagus inspired you to make this gorgeous quiche! So many flavors that I love, all combined into one mouthwatering dish! Fabulous! πŸ˜€

    • Yes she is always running around after my little brother. Today I actually did need some fresh coriander though and got seriously panicked when I thought there wasn’t any in the fridge- turns she found a new solution, a coriander plant in a pot so it wont go off πŸ™‚

  4. Haha! The culprit in our house is defo houmous and bananas….and wine. This look deeeelish, I’m definitely going to make a vegetarian version next week! Also I never even like the crust so this is PERFECT xxxx

  5. Ah! This looks so good! I worry my husband feels the same way about my shopping as you do about your mom’s! I love a well-stocked fridge, and come the end of the week, whatever is left makes it into a “fridge clean up meal” where all of the random odds and ends get used up. I could never get enough of avocados though! I wish the ones I buy would multiply, but alas they don’t. They’re just so expensive here (Dubai, currently) that every time I buy one I eat it really s-l-o-w-l-yyyyy. And I totally know what you mean about the Camembert! That smell just won’t. give. up. lol

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