Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake with Cointreau Syrup

In my Sisterhood of the World Bloggers post I was reflecting on one of my most popular recipes the Baileys Bread and Butter Pudding this got me thinking about that match made in heaven: alcohol and desserts. As I mentioned in my post I love dessert cocktails. Alongside my old favourite Choc Chip Coffetini I remember the bar where I worked also served a Cherry Bakewell Martini which I always recommended and which came with a mini spoon for all the delicious whipped cream on top. Now, frankly my talents don’t lie in the art of mixology so I decided to make a cake which is based on a Cosmopolitan cocktail. I’ve have made this gluten free almond and orange cake before and I loved it but this time I’ve added some cranberries and most importantly some Cointreau. 

Was this whole recipe just an excuse for me to buy a bottle of Cointreau, the remainders of which I simply must drink before it goes to waste?

Yes, I think it might have been, but hey I now have a delicious cake as well as a load of booze so I feel like a winner! With alcohol or without though this cake is seriously good. I don’t normally cook gluten free but this recipe doesn’t use any flour, it is substituted with ground almonds. This gives the cake a great texture, its soooo moist and sticky and almost treacle-y , it goes really well with some nice coffee to offset the sweetness. I will be following my usual tactic of giving as much as possible away to other people so that I don’t attack it all with a fork all by myself.





3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Orange and Almond Cake with Cointreau Syrup

    • Thanks Aimee, I did actually manage to eat half of it all by myself before I got out of the house to give it away to some people!

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