Red Pesto Salmon with Pea and Bulgar Wheat Mash

DSC07414 DSC07433
Out of all the healthy grainy things bulgar wheat is definitely my favourite. It cooks so quickly, unlike lentils, which I do love but tend to put on to boil and then hang around the pot stirring occasionally for 45 minutes. This is because pretty much every time I leave them to their own devices I get distracted and come back to a smoking pan of charred pulses. Of course I can never be bothered to re-cook them so I spend the next few days eating them pretending to myself that the smokey flavour they have actually adds to the taste.

Now Bulgar wheat however takes just 10 minutes to cook and it has a much better texture than couscous and quinoa.  I was musing on how much I love the stuff when I realised I had never even posted a recipe using it so I came up with this super simple red pesto salmon.  Some of the recipes I post tend to be on the long side because I often use cooking to relax and I enjoy doing things which take a bit of time but this one is so quick, ready in 20 minutes easily. The salmon is topped with a layer of cream cheese, smothered with some tasty red pesto and baked in the oven. Meanwhile you can get going on the leek, pea and some bulgar wheat mash to serve with it to make it extra filling. Recommended for: quick mid-week dinner or cooking for friends





2 thoughts on “Red Pesto Salmon with Pea and Bulgar Wheat Mash

    • Yeah salmon is just so easy isn’t it. In fact I just made this salmon again and had it with pasta and leeks this time, very tasty! Bulgar wheat is definitely worth a try, you can get it in Sainsbury’s if you live close to a big one 🙂

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