Broad Bean Burgers with Tzatziki and Pickled Radish

  Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 17.55.10
Aren’t radishes so beautiful?

I wanted to make something a bit summer-y this week because I can’t wait for it to stop being freezing cold and start being the kind of weather where I can sit in a garden drinking overpriced fruit cider. Last weekend in Manchester we got a cruel glimpse of summer weather which reminded me of how much lovelier everything seems when the sun is shining. Of course we were soon plunged back into miserable drizzle and wind. Riding my bike in the wind is literally the WORST time ever. I wear this oversized raincoat which kind of acts as a parachute slowing me down to the point where I am barely moving faster than pedestrians, not fun.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 17.52.59
I never liked radishes when I was younger but now I love them, think it may go hand in hand with my recent obsession with mustard which I add to pretty much every meal. Its that kind of hot but not spicy taste that I’ve got a thing for lately. Hopefully you will find these broad bean burgers very easy to make and also very cheap its pretty much just grab things from tins and mash them together and voila a tasty healthy veggie meal.



One thought on “Broad Bean Burgers with Tzatziki and Pickled Radish

  1. Got loads of broad beans gowing at the moment, going to give that a go for my daughter who is a vegan, looks delish. Cheers

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