Rhubarb and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast

I’ve just come back from a week surfing in Portugal with the University surf club which was such a fun time. There were more than 40 of us staying in a huge villa with its own pool and outside bar. Despite a bit of dodgy weather at the beginning of the week we spent all day surfing and chilling on the beach followed by amazing dinners cooked for us by the camp chef in the evening and plenty of sangria. It was so great having all our meals cooked for us but the only thing I really missed was my scrambled eggs for breakfast they were however replaced by Nutella smothered pancakes so no major complaints!

Being an egg lover eggy bread or french toast has always been a favourite breakfast of mine just before I went away however I made the major discovery of stuffed french toast . This rhubarb variation is in perfect timing for anyone in the UK as April-May is rhubarb season. To be honest I hadn’t eaten rhubarb in aaages before this and I totally forgot how good it is. Its really tangy and sharp kind of like raspberries and so is really tasty with the sweet cream cheese filling. Will definitely be trying out some other fillings in future i’m thinking banana and cinnamon or strawberry and basil could also be delicious.IMG_5190IMG_5192



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