Spicy Chickpea Stew: World hunger day recipe

IMG_5520As part of World Hunger Day , 28th May 2015 The Hunger Project and MyVoucherCodes are challenging people to “Dine under the line”, the poverty line that is, by creating recipes which cost only 33p per person. I must admit I thought that a lot of what I was already eating would come in at about that price, but it turns out that 33p really is a teeny budget for a meal unless you plan to live off instant noodles (which I did try in my first year at uni and is not recommended).

Although quantifying poverty is difficult the UK generally classes those in poverty as having an income less than 60% of the median (average) income of the whole country, in 2014 this equated to 13 million people living in poverty in the UK.  Of course one of the most basic requirements to survive is enough nourishing food but those living in poverty, specifically food poverty find it hard to meet their body’s needs. This could be because they cannot access supermarkets because of illness, disability or because they cannot afford transport. They may lack the skills, time or knowledge to prepare balanced meals. This makes it all too easy to choose cheap processed foods which can be high in sugar and fat. If unhealthy eating is sustained it eventually leads to health problems such as diabetes which make it harder to work and so a negative spiral of poverty develops.

The Hunger Project works with communities in the UK and all over the world and aims for a sustainable end to hunger. You can find out more about world hunger and fundraise by cooking your own below the line dinner party here and if you enjoy this recipe today please consider making a donation. My contribution is this delicious spicy chickpea stew, it only takes half an hour to make and you can cook a ginormous pot of it and keep it stored in your freezer. Its warming, full of vegetables and the spicy kick and cool yoghurt on top a bit of an extra tastiness. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.00.42


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