Roasted Cherry and Goats Cheese Crostini

DSC08418 Have you ever tried old-school cherry-ade? It is a drink of a disconcerting blood-red colour fizzing with sickly chemicals which I’m pretty sure does not contain a single scrap of a real cherry. I remember having it as a child at my grandparents house where I found myself feeling very queasy after drinking a particularly large glass. In my little girl brain I was fooled into thinking that that was what cherries really tasted like and this was combined with a disgust for glacé cherries which to me look like fake dolls food and taste like rancid Dr. Pepper.  It was only in my early teens when I got my hands on the real fruit that I finally realised that they were actually sweet, sharp, juicy and delicious and my hatred of the cherries was over.

Apparently this year has been a bumper one for growing British cherries and I’ve seen lots of great recipes for galettes and ice creams and other sweet things but I wanted to try something savoury instead. I always enjoy a good brie and cranberry sandwich, usually around christmas time so I thought I would extend this cheese-fruit tradition by making these goats cheese and roasted cherry and goats cheese crostini. They turned out to be a delicious combination  crunchy bread, creamy goats cheese and juicy cherries made them very moreish- even my sister who claims not to like goats cheese just called to me that she was going to the fridge to get another one as I type!




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