Roasted Fennel with Lemon Butter Beans and Ricotta

 DSC08636 There have been a lot more ‘tinned things’ stacking up in my kitchen cupboard lately. Having finished university and moved to London to start my new job I am starting to realise the value of long lasting and convenient food. Even though I can now afford to indulge in some more expensive ingredients the flip side is I often don’t have the time to use them- I guess thats the eternal problem with trying to cook for one!

I think tinned beans are the best because they are really versatile and they soak up flavours so well, they make a great change from pasta or rice and they barely need cooking . I wanted to make myself a tasty lunch today and this is what I came up with. People tend to be a bit sniffy about fennel and I guess the aniseed taste when raw puts most people off but when roasted it really tastes a lot like sweet caramelised onion. I combined with delicious garlicky lemon butter beans and some ricotta- because I couldn’t resist.




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