Grilled Mackerel Soba Noodle Ramen

DSC09079It was with great optimism that I set off to the biggest supermarket I could find yesterday sure that they would have in their “Foods of the World” section some bonito flakes and konbu seaweed so that I could make a totally authentic Japanese dashi broth. Of course as soon as I entered the isle and walked past glass jars of curry and Mexican taco kits I realised that I was probably the only person in a 20 mile radius to be looking for such things and unsurprisingly I did not find them. So I present to you a less authentic but much more realistic mackerel and soba noodle ramen; soft flakey fish in a savoury salty broth with lots of noodles to slurp and an egg because obviously I squeeze eggs into every meal possible. 

Its a recent revelation to me how cheap fresh mackerel is, it always makes such a delicious meal because its rich taste can take lots of strong flavours, plus its so quick to cook so really no fuss. Warning though if you live with fish haters, the smell of it cooking is extremely strong and lingering but definitely worth it.

Also featured in this image are some chopsticks I picked up in Japan, I had to buy 10 pairs of them because I was in a wholesalers store but I loved them too much not to get them! So this was a good excuse to crack them out for another use. I will admit they look good but are a bit impractical for eating since their glossy look means any food you try to pick up just glides straight off them.

soba noodle ramen



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