Sweet Potato Pancakes with Avocado Salsa

sweet potato pancakes
I don’t think i’ll be making any pancakes tomorrow since I am in South Africa with work. Maybe if i’m lucky they will include them in the breakfast buffet, but thats not really the fun of pancakes is it? It’s the whisking and frying and flipping part thats fun – well it is for me anyway.

I had scribbled down lots of ideas for deliciously sweet pancake flavours to make on Sunday however that was before my friend and I spent Saturday evening eating crisps, chocolate and strawberry laces washed down with 2 bottles of wine. Needless to say the morning after I was definitely not wanting anything sickly – I had that feeling where I needed to stuff myself with vegetables in a vain attempt to counteract all the unhealthy stuff which had pretty much just settled into an undigested rock in my stomach.

So anyway I created these, thick, fluffy sweet potato pancakes with a bit of chilli and turmeric to add to the flavour and a refreshing avocado salsa. As I seem to do quite often recently I then chucked half bottle of chilli sauce over them , realised I had over-estimated my spiciness tolerance and then had to spoon on heaps of yoghurt to cool it down. Was still very tasty though so if you fancy going savoury on pancake day this year, give them a try.

sweet potato pancakes




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