Grilled Cauliflower with Pomegranate

DSC09453Last week I went for dinner with my friend India at a really great Turkish restaurant called Oklava, the last time I had eaten “Turkish” food was on a work trip to Rotterdam. In that case it had consisted of some hard deep fried lumps claiming to be falafel scattered over pale limp lettuce with a suspicious white gloopy sauce.

The food at Oklava however was absolutely delicious, to start off we had medjool date butter which tasted like jam and butter mixed together spread on warm bread. For mains my favourite was the pomegranate glazed lamb breast which was rich and crispy. After arriving at the restaurant stressed, cursing the bitterly cold weather and swearing to move away from this drizzly city I left with a happy glow and renewed appreciation of how lucky I am to live in London with some of the countries best restaurants so close by.

Inspired by a roasted cauliflower dish we had that night I decided to try and evoke some of the flavours of Oklava at home with this very simple recipe. Grilled cauliflower sprinkled with pomegranate and pistachios and served with lemon yogurt. I was only making for 1 and I had it with giant cous cous but I think this would make a really impressive platter for a dinner party too.



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