Caramalised Red Onion and Goats Cheese Polenta Pizza

DSC09395 Ah pizza, so universally adored in all its doughy delicious glory – there is hardly a more versatile food. Looking back over my life so far I am amused to find so many memories of pizzas, I thought I would share some snapshots with you. Continue reading


Roasted Cherry and Goats Cheese Crostini

DSC08418 Have you ever tried old-school cherry-ade? It is a drink of a disconcerting blood-red colour fizzing with sickly chemicals which I’m pretty sure does not contain a single scrap of a real cherry. I remember having it as a child at my grandparents house where I found myself feeling Continue reading

Goats cheese and Adzuki bean dip **Lunch Munch**

adzukiGetting a healthy Lunch is tricky. When I am at Uni I have the choice of a soggy cafe salad or a spending all my vodka money on a tasteless pack of supermarket sushi if I wanted to be healthy (Vodka?! heathy?). Now I’m working it’s just the same- the main features of the salad bar look suspiciously familiar Continue reading

What to do with the Christmas leftovers: Turkey Cranberry bites

     turky (1)So my mother bought a 14 lb turkey and a 13 lb ham for the three of us for Christmas lunch. Result: we have a meaty mountain of Christmas leftovers BUT we will not see it go to waste, oh no we will eat turkey for every meal between now and new year if we have to. Are you in a similar predicament? If so Continue reading

Cheesy roast chicken breast with fig and olive tapanade and asparagus risotto

Just two hours before the deadline and I’ve finally got round to completing the 3/1 seasonal challenge launched by Eat my tortes and honey and figs! Find my lunch recipe for melty mozarella and  fig and aubergine rolls here and my ‘breakfast’ fig and almond tartlets here. Continue reading

Melty mozzarella and fig aubergine rolls

aubMy lunch recipe for the 3/1 September challenge ingredient, figs. We had these  aubergine rolls along with a baked camembert that my little brother got from the french market (great buy) and some bresaola which finally gave my mother the chance to use her balsamic pearls which have been sitting in the cupboard for at least 6 months!

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