Farm to Fork: Sustainable Fishing

sustainable fishing This is the third post in my “Farm to Fork” series in which I am trying to make up my mind about some of the important ethical issues surrounding where our food comes from, this week the focus is on sustainable fishing.

Fish and seafood play a part in some of my most vivid childhood memories; my mother placing live lobster into steaming pans, delicate pale pink whole salmon presented on special occasions and even waiting in the fluorescent light of the local fish and chip shop for the warm parcels of battered cod for our dinner. So you can understand why a fish lover like me would approach this topic with a little apprehension – I really didn’t want to talk myself in to renouncing fish forever. Continue reading


Farm to Fork: Is your Spaghetti Bolognese killing the planet?

I’ve finally found myself with some time on my hands again so here is the second post in my “Farm to Fork” series in which I am trying to educate myself about where supermarket food comes from. You can check out my first post all about our little feathered friends here. This week though I’ve been learning more about beef. Continue reading