Grilled Mackerel Soba Noodle Ramen

DSC09079It was with great optimism that I set off to the biggest supermarket I could find yesterday sure that they would have in their “Foods of the World” section some bonito flakes and konbu seaweed so that I could make a totally authentic Japanese dashi broth. Continue reading


Red Pesto Salmon with Pea and Bulgar Wheat Mash

DSC07414 DSC07433
Out of all the healthy grainy things bulgar wheat is definitely my favourite. It cooks so quickly, unlike lentils, which I do love but tend to put on to boil and then hang around the pot stirring occasionally for 45 minutes. This is because pretty much every time I leave them to their own devices I get Continue reading

Sea bass with Red Pepper Risotto


I can’t believe I’m in my final year of Uni. Its all is nearly over. Somehow when you leave school university seems like this HUUGE chunk of your life that will never end but of course it does. I’m already feeling nostalgic and I’ve still got 8 months to go! Anyway for now I am cracking on with Continue reading

Pink Grapefruit and Salmon salad

DSCN0293BAM! Look how colourful this is! This salmon salad is the next in my “lunch munch series” I love salads with fruity ingredients I remember having a delicious feta and mango salad last summer also see my duck and pomegranate salad recipe . Salmon and grapefruit is definitely a winner too, I guess it’s not really surprising as salmon is typically served with citrus flavours such as lemon or lime. The sharp grapefruit in this case is offset with a sweet honey, mustard and dill dressing and crunchy radishes. Also starring is our trusty friend the avocado and little baby broad beans. Continue reading

Thai Salmon and noodle salad with pak choi


Anyone who knows me knows i’m a serious seafood lover. I just can’t understand those people who say they hate fish. The classic line is “it’s just too fishy..” how can fish be too fishy you crazy people? I think often they have been put off by that horrid stinky smell that hangs around the local fish and chip shop or school canteens on a friday lunchtime. No matter how much I try Continue reading

Wild Sea bass with Samphire and Beurre Blanc

bas1 (1)

Henley regatta is about to descend meaning the town will be transformed with young men in stripy blazers unable to hold their drink, ladies tottering by the river in Jimmy Choo’s and strapping young rowers in lycra. Our local fishmonger is all stocked up with the best lobster, oysters and fresh fish for the occasion so we chose this amazing wild sea bass  Continue reading