Grilled Cauliflower with Pomegranate

DSC09453Last week I went for dinner with my friend India at a really great Turkish restaurant called Oklava, the last time I had eaten “Turkish” food was on a work trip to Rotterdam. In that case it had consisted of some hard deep fried lumps claiming to be falafel scattered over pale limp lettuce with a suspicious Continue reading


Sweet Potato Pancakes with Avocado Salsa

sweet potato pancakes
I don’t think i’ll be making any pancakes tomorrow since I am in South Africa with work. Maybe if i’m lucky they will include them in the breakfast buffet, but thats not really the fun of pancakes is it? It’s the whisking and frying and flipping part thats fun – well it is for me anyway. Continue reading

Honey Roast Carrots with Lentils

carrotThe idea for this salad actually came from one of my favourite ever “food to go” salads from the supermarket. This may sound a bit insane but I sometimes actually like driving the 4 hours back to Manchester from home because it gives me an excuse to buy loads of nice food at the service station . I then usually try to unwrap/eat this food whilst Continue reading

Pink Grapefruit and Salmon salad

DSCN0293BAM! Look how colourful this is! This salmon salad is the next in my “lunch munch series” I love salads with fruity ingredients I remember having a delicious feta and mango salad last summer also see my duck and pomegranate salad recipe . Salmon and grapefruit is definitely a winner too, I guess it’s not really surprising as salmon is typically served with citrus flavours such as lemon or lime. The sharp grapefruit in this case is offset with a sweet honey, mustard and dill dressing and crunchy radishes. Also starring is our trusty friend the avocado and little baby broad beans. Continue reading

Melty mozzarella and fig aubergine rolls

aubMy lunch recipe for the 3/1 September challenge ingredient, figs. We had these  aubergine rolls along with a baked camembert that my little brother got from the french market (great buy) and some bresaola which finally gave my mother the chance to use her balsamic pearls which have been sitting in the cupboard for at least 6 months!

Continue reading