Roast Chicken Thighs with Chorizo and Orange

chickIn the battle of the poultry cuts chicken thigh beats breast hands down. It has a slightly darker meat that is much more moist and full of that real chickeny flavour. This is a dish that I have cooked a few times and I always make sure to get the thighs with the skin on and bone in. By grilling the thighs first the skin will turn deliciously crispy and help to hold in those yummy chicken juices.

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Moroccan Chicken Wrap **lunch munch**


So according to the staff canteen it was national wrap day today, who knew! In a miraculous twist of fate I had planned to post this tasty wrap recipe already but now I know it shall be officially recognised I feel even better about it. It got me to thinking, who even comes up with these crazy national food days / weeks / months? Who are these food mega-minds? Well turns out This way for more 🙂

Cheesy roast chicken breast with fig and olive tapanade and asparagus risotto

Just two hours before the deadline and I’ve finally got round to completing the 3/1 seasonal challenge launched by Eat my tortes and honey and figs! Find my lunch recipe for melty mozarella and  fig and aubergine rolls here and my ‘breakfast’ fig and almond tartlets here. Continue reading